Episode 1: J.D. Jackson: To Act You Have to Listen

J.D. Jackson is an award-winning audiobook narrator with 400 credits to his name and counting. A 2020 inductee into AudioFile Magazine‘s Golden Voices Hall of Fame, J.D. has plenty of experience behind a mic.

For this inaugural episode of A Bend in the Road, join Roberta as she talks with J.D. about the teacher that changed his life, the process of interpreting books of all genres, and his magic remedy for keeping his voice in top form (hint: it involves a lot of licorice tea.) Who knows? Maybe that recipe will lead to your own bend in the road.

Episode Credits:
  • A Bend in the Road is written, hosted and produced by Roberta Panjwani and created by Roberta Panjwani and Diane Sims
  • Our Assistant Producer is Elias Rosner
  • Our Technical Directors and Audio Engineers are Charles Gallo and Elias Rosner
  • Our Editor is Elias Rosner
  • Our Digital Media producer is Parker Gaidimas
  • Logo and Website created by Parker Gaidimas
  • Original Music is written and performed by Diane Sims
  • Audiobooks narrated by J.D. are available to borrow or download at your library and on Audible.
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