Episode 3: Olivia Barkley: Dreams From the Depths

Olivia Barkley loved diving. She ate, slept and breathed it, so much that her one dream was to get a full diving scholarship at a Division 1 school. After a serious accident on a dive left her with a life-altering concussion, the dream vanished…and then reformed in an unexpected new way.

Join Roberta as she sits down with Olivia to discuss how she managed the many different types of loss, how she found a new identity, and what it’s like to run an Ultra Marathon (50km!).

And did we mention she sings too?

Episode Credits:
  • A Bend in the Road is written, hosted and produced by Roberta Panjwani and created by Roberta Panjwani and Diane Sims
  • Consulting for this episode done by Diane Sims
  • Our Assistant Producer is me, Elias Rosner
  • Our Technical Directors and Audio Engineers are Charles Gallo and Elias Rosner
  • Our Editor is Elias Rosner
  • Our Digital Media producer is Sabrina Garcia
  • Logo and Website created by Parker Gaidimas
  • Original Music is written and performed by Diane Sims
  • Consulting for this episode done by Diane Sims
  • Additional consultation from Nancy Carswell and Andrea Panjwani
  • Thanks to our guest Olivia Barkley for sharing her story–and, yes, for singing for us today
  • All I Know So Far is written by Alecia Moore, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul and Cover Me In Sunshine is written by Maureen Anne McDonald and Amy Rose Allen
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