Episode 8: Maite Alberdi: The Most Heartwarming Spy Movie Ever Made

Director Maite Alberdi had a great idea for a new film, one that merged her love of film noir with documentaries, so she began working as an assistant to a Chilean private eye. But when the lead detective broke his hip before filming, she wound up making a very different film – a film that earned her a nomination for a 2021 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. Join Roberta as she sits down with Maite to discuss The Mole Agent, filmmaking and the importance of community during any season of life.

Links for things discussed in the episode:

Micromundo Productions

Maite and The Mole Agent

Maite’s new project: The Eternal Memory

Episode Credits:
  • A Bend in the Road is written, hosted and produced by Roberta Panjwani and created by Roberta Panjwani and Diane Sims.
  • Consulting for this episode done by Diane Sims.
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  • We are grateful to Maite Alberdi and Daniela Sandoval and to Micromundo Productions for permission to include audio clips from The Mole Agent.
  • Original music from The Mole Agent composed by Vincent Van Warmerdam. Additional music composed by Jose Luis Perales [“Te Quiero”]
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