Podcast Ep 9 Nina Groop & Noah Taylor Dec 21, 2022

Episode 9: Nina Groop & Noah Taylor: Telling the Truth to Ourselves

When one shares a story, they can become a part of a healing and empowering experience. Stories are powerful – cathartic, emotive, and full of truths, hidden or not – and our guests this week know that quite well. Nina is a life coach and the author of a new book Creek Music: What a Year in the Woods Taught Me About Seasons, Surrender and Joy. Her son Noah Taylor is a 28 year old café manager, storyteller and an aspiring writer. They are frequent performers at the The Moth StorySLAMS in Philly. Join host Roberta Panjwani as she talks with them about their experiences on the stage, how they got there, and the life events that shaped what they tell and how they tell it.

Links for things discussed in the episode:

Nina Groop’s Website

The Moth

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  • The excerpt you heard at the beginning of the episode is from Nina’s new book: Creek Music: What a Year in the Woods Taught Me about Seasons, Surrender & Joy.
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